ZrСoin The world's first commodity-backed blockchain option

  • Become a Investor:

    The world's first commodity-backed blockchain option

    • Based on real production

    • Complete transparency at every stage

    • Unique, stable and innovative blockchain product

    • Opportunity to become a shareholder in production company

    • 100% cash back on demand

    • Over $1 million in R&D

    What is ZrСoin?

    ZrCoin is the first ever blockchain option for investing in the production of an in-demand industrial material.

    1. ZrCoin is the first ever blockchain option for investing in the production of an in-demand industrial material.
    2. ZrCoin is not susceptible to inflation or typical cryptocurrency volatility. As such it is a reliable tool for the preservation and growth of capital funds 
    3. Investing in ZrCoin at the early stages of the project us expected to yield 100%+ profit
    4. We are committed to complete transparency at every stage of the investment cycle, from production to deployment and ZrCoin buy-back ZrCoin is a liquid trading asset
    5. Investors can receive back the funds they have committed at any point after the end of the ICO 
    6. After production launches, the manufacturer will buy up a minimum of $400,000 of ZrCoin per month 
    7. Investors can redeem their ZrCoin for physical ZrO2 if they prefer

    Become a Investor:

    How it works?

    • Investing 

    Investors participate in the project by purchasing ZrCoins, which are a blockchain token option with underlying asset of 1kg Synth. ZrO2 The unique conditions are offered to early investors (to 50%).
    • Guarantees

    Investors can ask for their funds to be returned at any point after the ICO ends. The project is fully insured to enable this guarantee.
    The project is insured completely to assure guarantees.
    • Construction

    Crowdsourced funds will be used to construct a state-of-the-art green manufacturing facility for the production of Synth. ZrO2 with purity >66%.
    Production areas were chosen also
    • Equipment 

    The production line will be completed within 6 months of the end of the crowdsale. Investors will be able to inspect the progress of the facility via webcam. Each investor has a possibility of visual control over equipment installation and start-up and commissioning works
    • Production

    Manufacture of Synth. ZrO2 will start no later than 7 months from the end of the crowdsale. The product will ship to buyers immediately.
    After commencement of production, the enterprise begins shipment of a manufactured product to buyers in conformity with the signed agreements.

    • Buy back

    The enterprise will begin buying back ZrCoins at the market price of 1kg of Synth. ZrO2 in amounts of at least $400,000 per month, no later than 8 months from the end of the crowdsale. Investors also have the option of taking physical delivery of the product. Each investor has the right to choose between the sale of basic asset and the receipt of relevant quantity of Synth. ZrO2




    Project stages

    Stage 1

    Acquisition of land

    Crowdsale followed by purchase of pre-selected plot of land for production

    Stage 2

    Equipment manufacture

    Necessary equipment manufactured by leading technological companies in the industrial machinery market

    Hi-tech equipment has superior efficiency and is environmentally friendly

    Stage 3

    Factory construction

    Two-stage construction with two separate factories built

    Estimated construction period - 6 months

    Stage 4


    Two production lines launched within a month of completion of construction

    Stage 5

    Supply of raw materials

    Raw materials supplies under the pre-signed contracts begin 8 months after the investments are raised.

    Industrial wastes both from operating manufactures and industrial dumps are used as raw materials (Bacor scrap)

    Stage 6

    Refractory materials production

    Product shipment to the global market begins 8 months after crowdsale

    Synthetic zirconium dioxide is a material in high demand for the production of refractory materials

    Slag-forming mixture – a by-product of manufacture – is also in demand as a material used to avoid heat loss

    More Details About Production:


  • ZrCoin ICO — timeline and details

    The month-long crowdsale will launch on 25 April, seeking to collect a minimum of $3.5 million.

    ZrCoin is crowdfunding investment for the construction of a
    state-of-the-art facility that will manufacture synthetic zirconium
    dioxide (ZrO2), a key industrial commodity in high demand as a
    refractory material, especially in the manufacture of ceramics and
    nuclear reactors. The factory will use an environmentally-friendly
    process to recover zirconium from industrial wastes rather than
    extracting it from the earth. The result is not only more ecologically
    sound, but also more cost-effective and of higher quality than existing
    forms of zirconium.

    Schedule. ZrCoin’s crowdsale will start at 00:01 UTC on 25 April and last for one month, ending at 23:59 UTC on 24 May.

    Bonus structure. ZrCoins will be sold at a discount to the market price of ZrO2, and will gradually rise in price over the course of the crowdsale. The discount will start at 50% ($1.40), falling to 44.5% ($1.55) by the end:

    Day 1: $1.40

    · Day 2: $1.44

    · Day 3: $1.46

    · Day 4: $1.47

    · Days 5–6: $1.48

    · Days 7–13: $1.50

    · Days 14–20: $1.53

    · Days 21–26: $1.54

    · Days 27–30: $1.55

    Currencies. ZrCoin’s crowdsale will accept BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, WAVES and USD.

    Token supply. The total supply of ZrCoins will depend on the amount of funding committed at crowdsale. (E.g. if $4 million is raised and all tokens are bought at $1.40, there will be 2.86 million ZrCoin tokens.)

    Platform. ZrCoin will be created as a token on the Waves platform. Distribution to investors will take place following a thorough audit after the crowdsale ends.

    Escrow. All funds will be held in escrow, using two-of-three multi-sig wallets wherever possible. A list of escrow partners can be found on the ZrCoin website.

    Funding targets. ZrCoin aims to raise a minimum of $3.5 million USD. The crowdsale will be capped at $7 million, which would give the company enough funding to build two factories.

    ROI. ZrCoin will start buying back tokens at the market rate for ZrO2 — approximately $2.80 — around 8 months after the ICO ends. In the meantime, tokens can be traded on supporting exchanges.

    For more information or to register for further updates, visit the bitcointalk thread or www.ZrCoin.io.

  • Interview With The Creators Of ZrCoin


  • The uses of ZrCoin

    ZrCoin is our project’s ICO token, but it will have application beyond the crowdsale due to its nature as a cutting-edge blockchain financial instrument.

    We will shortly be holding the ZrCoin crowdsale, in which we hope to raise at least $3.5 million to fund the creation of a manufacturing plant for synthetic zirconium dioxide (synth. ZrO2).

    Zirconium is a highly in-demand material used as a refractory — it is very durable at high temperatures and pressures, which makes it ideal for use in glass-making and other such applications. Usually, the zirconium used for firebricks in kilns is extracted from the earth, at a high financial and environmental cost. These bricks are periodically replaced because they degrade under the extreme conditions to which they are subjected. Our process recovers ZrO2 from these industrial wastes, and the end result is a product that has superior properties and greater cost benefits than the natural alternative.

    Our research with manufacturers and knowledge of the existing market suggests that we will be able to sell synth. ZrO2 at a price of $2,800 per tonne. Every ZrCoin sold at ICO will represent an option for 1kg ZrO2, and so will be redeemed in a later buyback at a price of $2.80. They will sell at ICO at a discount, starting at $1.40. This is how our investors will gain ROI.

    Industry, investors, traders

    There are three main ways in which ZrCoin might be used in the future:

    1) As an option on ZrO2. Because ZrCoin is backed by a real commodity, it is possible to take physical possession of the ZrO2. We expect a number of businesses to do just this. Manufacturers who need zirconium for their factories will buy ZrCoin ahead of time, at a discount — allowing them to acquire zirconium at below market prices. This will prove an attractive choice for forward-thinking businesses who have the money to invest in their future.

    2) As an investment in its own right. As a blockchain-based option, ZrCoin will be treated as an investment or speculative instrument by traders. Those who invest at ICO can expect a healthy ROI. Because ZrCoin will trade on secondary markets after the crowdsale, other investors will have access to it and may be able to pick some up at an attractive price. Due to the discount offered and the market price of ZrO2, it is likely that ZrCoin will trade between $1.40 and $2.80. However, the cryptocurrency markets are notoriously volatile, and how the coin is priced in each currency will depend on its trading pairs and the performance of those currencies against fiat (most notably BTC).

    3) As a store of value. Lastly, ZrCoin is backed by a real commodity, and has a theoretical real-world value of $2.80 (depending on market conditions). It should therefore have a relatively stable price, particularly over the longer term. ZrCoin will be a way to hedge against inflation and for traders to use to park value when trading more volatile coins, such as BTC and alts.

    The ZrCoin crowdsale will be held in the coming weeks. To register for updates or to find out more, visit www.ZrCoin.io.

  • ZrCoin Bounty Program

    1. Social media campaign

    Budget is 10 500 ZrCoins — it’s 0,3% of ICO result. Social media campaign is managed through service https://theviralexchange.com

    You should register and connect your social media pages to this service. Then you should make some tasks as to make retweet, “like” page on facebook or subscribe Youtube channel. For this activities you earn ZrCoin tokens.

    Support our project in social media networks earning ZrCoins.

    2. Bounty for Translations and moderation of threads on local boards of bitcointalk.org Translation of topic — 15 ZrCoin with 1 update per week as moderation. 

    - German 

    - Korean 

    - French

     - Spanish

     - Italian 

    - Japanese

     - Thai

    3. Bitcointalk.org Signature and Avatar campaign — 0,7% of ICO result

    Signature campaign rules Participants need to keep the signature until the end of ICO. Duration of ICO is not more than 30 days. Start — beginning of April. Any attempt at cheating will be punished with disqualification from the campaign.

    You can not advertise any other websites/threads in your signature! Any user with negative trust will not be allowed to participate.Only good quality posts and that are relevant to the thread will be counted. If we find spam posts you’re making, you will be removed from the campaign and receive no payment.Every participant needs to make at least 30 quality posts during Bounty campaign on BCT to be eligible for the bounty.

    Junior Member 1 stake

    Member 2 stake

    Full Member 3 stake

    Sr Member 4 stakes

    Hero\Legendary 5 stakes

    Stakes are added weekly. Only full weeks are in count towards the bounty calculation.

    Avatar campaign Avatar Campaign is for members who has Full Member rank and higher. And it gives 1 Stake per week. Put BB-code into your signature and don’t change it until the end of ICO. The whole bounty pool will be divided among the participants proportionally to the amount of their stakes.

    To apply participation in Signature and Avatar Campaign fill out the form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfQiIikjeOYx9Fu370ceLWfqA338hpMa41aKsSuZbuRiN4sJA/viewform

    You can check your application status to Signature and Avatar Campaign here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bq6DjjkHLb8aD19qqei2qLC5DR_0nQpStnHdywPE2dE/edit#gid=0

    Details of Campaign read here: Bitcointalk Forum

    Join to the main discussion of the project: Bitcointalk Forum ZrCoin

    The ZrCoin crowdsale will be held in the coming weeks. To register for updates or to find out more, visit www.ZrCoin.io.

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