ZrСoin The world's first commodity-backed blockchain option

  • Become a Investor:

    The world's first commodity-backed blockchain option

    • Based on real production

    • Complete transparency at every stage

    • Unique, stable and innovative blockchain product

    • Opportunity to become a shareholder in production company

    • 100% cash back on demand

    • Over $1 million in R&D

    What is ZrСoin?

    ZrCoin is the first ever blockchain option for investing in the production of an in-demand industrial material.

    1. ZrCoin is the first ever blockchain option for investing in the production of an in-demand industrial material.
    2. ZrCoin is not susceptible to inflation or typical cryptocurrency volatility. As such it is a reliable tool for the preservation and growth of capital funds 
    3. Investing in ZrCoin at the early stages of the project us expected to yield 100%+ profit
    4. We are committed to complete transparency at every stage of the investment cycle, from production to deployment and ZrCoin buy-back ZrCoin is a liquid trading asset
    5. Investors can receive back the funds they have committed at any point after the end of the ICO 
    6. After production launches, the manufacturer will buy up a minimum of $400,000 of ZrCoin per month 
    7. Investors can redeem their ZrCoin for physical ZrO2 if they prefer

    Become a Investor:

    How it works?

    • Investing 

    Investors participate in the project by purchasing ZrCoins, which are a blockchain token option with underlying asset of 1kg Synth. ZrO2 The unique conditions are offered to early investors (to 50%).
    • Guarantees

    Investors can ask for their funds to be returned at any point after the ICO ends. The project is fully insured to enable this guarantee.
    The project is insured completely to assure guarantees.
    • Construction

    Crowdsourced funds will be used to construct a state-of-the-art green manufacturing facility for the production of Synth. ZrO2 with purity >66%.
    Production areas were chosen also
    • Equipment 

    The production line will be completed within 6 months of the end of the crowdsale. Investors will be able to inspect the progress of the facility via webcam. Each investor has a possibility of visual control over equipment installation and start-up and commissioning works
    • Production

    Manufacture of Synth. ZrO2 will start no later than 7 months from the end of the crowdsale. The product will ship to buyers immediately.
    After commencement of production, the enterprise begins shipment of a manufactured product to buyers in conformity with the signed agreements.

    • Buy back

    The enterprise will begin buying back ZrCoins at the market price of 1kg of Synth. ZrO2 in amounts of at least $400,000 per month, no later than 8 months from the end of the crowdsale. Investors also have the option of taking physical delivery of the product. Each investor has the right to choose between the sale of basic asset and the receipt of relevant quantity of Synth. ZrO2




    Project stages

    Stage 1

    Acquisition of land

    Crowdsale followed by purchase of pre-selected plot of land for production

    Stage 2

    Equipment manufacture

    Necessary equipment manufactured by leading technological companies in the industrial machinery market

    Hi-tech equipment has superior efficiency and is environmentally friendly

    Stage 3

    Factory construction

    Two-stage construction with two separate factories built

    Estimated construction period - 6 months

    Stage 4


    Two production lines launched within a month of completion of construction

    Stage 5

    Supply of raw materials

    Raw materials supplies under the pre-signed contracts begin 8 months after the investments are raised.

    Industrial wastes both from operating manufactures and industrial dumps are used as raw materials (Bacor scrap)

    Stage 6

    Refractory materials production

    Product shipment to the global market begins 8 months after crowdsale

    Synthetic zirconium dioxide is a material in high demand for the production of refractory materials

    Slag-forming mixture – a by-product of manufacture – is also in demand as a material used to avoid heat loss

    More Details About Production:


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