Pulse New Projects

  • Pulse was built using the latest Bitcoin technology; it is distributed in a fair way, and may be used by anyone around the globe. Pulse has an active -- dedicated developer team to keep the code well-maintained. It also pays its users interest for supporting the network due to the hybrid (POW & POS) feature. Start earning now by joining Pulse and support the network.


    Coin: PULSE

    Hybrid: PoW/PoS

    PoW Algo: SHA256D

    Annual Interest Rate: 183%

    Minimum Age: 5 days

    Maximum Age: unlimited days

    BlockReward: Depends on Difficulty

    Blocktarget: 2.5 minutes

    Future projects of PulseProject for PULSE

    - The ability to buy everything for your everyday needs; food, electronics,games, movies, music, pizza, clothing, accessories, digital games and more using Giftcards! .

    - Dedicated Hosting from multiple locations around the globe: Linux VPS, Windows VPS, Dedicated Servers, VPN, DDoS Protection, Gaming Hosting, Minecraft plugins, Business/Enterprise solutions and more! .

    - Monetizing tools, SEO services, advertising plans, gaming ads, targeted traffic, Business Start-up and more! .

    - VPN Hosting Provider by Pulse Project @2016

    - Monetizing Tools by Pulse Project @2016

    - PulseProject Advertising Tools by Pulse Project @2016

    - Minecraft Hosting Provider by Pulse Project @2016

    - VPS Hosting Provider by Pulse Project @2016

    - Dedicated Servers rental by Pulse Project @2016

    - Mobile games using PULSE for any marketplace @2016

    - Web games using PULSE for any marketplace @2016

    - Automation simulation protocol by Pulse Project @2016

    - Advanced Wallet features @2016

    - SEO services by Pulse Project @2016

    - Decentralized Application @2016 - 2017

    - Blockchain Application @2016 - 2017

    - Custom design printing services on cloths/objects, etc @2016 - 2017

    - CPA network using PULSE as primary payout @2016 - 2017

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