Humaniq — Banking Access for evryone | ICO 06-04-2017

  • Humaniq is designing and building a simple and secure 4th generation mobile bank.

    What is Humaniq?

    Humaniq is a simple and secure 4th generation mobile bank. We are developing a completely new banking experience by dissolving all the barriers of archaic banks such as the
    need to come to a branch, doing endless paperwork, dealing with hard-to-use, buggy mobile apps, and protecting data with hard-to-remember, complex passwords. We have created a safe, strong financial tool, specifically designed to be used by people who are undereducated or who don’t possess identification. Most of them live in emerging economies on less than two dollars a day. We believe we can change that. Learn more about Humaniq…


    We identified three key questions that Humaniq needs to answer to be successful:

    How do you create a fair and equitable system for all users?

    How do you eliminate the hardware and energy requirements of mining for new users?

    What if many users do not have access to formal identification and are unfamiliar with email and 2FA?

    Humaniq is using the well-established architecture of Ethereum, rather than a proprietary blockchain, as the basis of our platform. For this, we are creating our own exchange-tradeable token - HMQ. In addition, our system
    will also be able to handle transactions in ether, bitcoin and possibly other cryptocurrencies.

    We’re using a new concept called Proof of Face (PoF), a radical departure from the energy and computationally intensive PoS and PoW methods used for most blockchain currencies.

    New tokens will be generated by user actions, such as opening an account, inviting friends, and carrying out other one time actions, so that every user will start with a limited other one time actions, so that every user will start with a limited economy.

    To eliminate the need for formal ID or emails and complicated passwords,
    Humaniq is using biometric identification to both register new users and
    to verify transactions. It will be the first network where every user
    is guaranteed to be unique.  

    After discussing this idea with many blockchain and fintech experts and following their very positive
    feedback, we are now proud to present to you: Humaniq, a new financial
    ecosystem whose focus is on connecting the unbanked and underbanked,

    Usage Case 1-  P2P and Small Business Lending
    user has an idea to do something productive, but needs capital.  They
    select the P2P lending function on the Humaniq app and negotiate a small
    loan with another user.

    Usage Case 2- Insurance
    A craftsman
    wants to send hand-carved figurines to an international buyer, but the
    nearest international shipment center is hundreds of miles away.  The
    seller finds an insurance provider through the app and insures their
    items so that they are compensated in the event of damage or loss during

    Usage Case 3- Remittance Payments
    A worker
    overseas wants to send money back to their family, but neither of the
    parties have bank accounts.  Rather than pay an excessive fee to go
    through a transfer agent, the worker converts his currency into bitcoin
    and sends it to his family member, who uses a mobile cashier service to
    convert bitcoin to the local currency.  

    Usage Case 4- Remote Work
    company has easy online tasks that are difficult to automate, yet not
    cost-effective to hire locals for.  A Humaniq user selects tasks that
    they can do, and makes a small amount of bitcoin, HMQ, or ether for
    their work. Tasks can include things like rating products, providing
    reviews, or moderating videos.


    We are looking for honest, reliable feedback and welcome your suggestions.

    Our main website can be found here: Humaniq

    A draft version of our white paper can be accessed here: Humaniq Whitepaper

    note that this is not the final version and that additional
    improvements/solutions will be included following discussions with
    potential users and investors.

    You are also welcome to join the discussion on our Slack


    December, with little fanfare and a small team, Humaniq more than
    achieved our pre-ICO funding goals.  The enthusiastic response of our
    supporters has allowed us to expand our team and begin working on our
    roadmap. We recently passed a significant milestone by releasing the
    early alpha version of our app for testing on both iOS and Android.

    Total token supply during pre-ICO: 27 914 393

    BTC collected: 99.002855

    ETH collected: 3122.362977


    Humaniq’s ICO will start on April 6th and last until April 26th

    April 2017 Buy the smart-contract Get 1000 Humaniq Tokens for 1 ETH

    ICO will feature a time-sensitive bonus system. People who invest
    within the first 24 hours will receive a 49.9% bonus on their tokens,
    while those who invest within the first week will receive a 33% bonus.
     The second week will give out a 20% bonus, the third week it drops to
    14%, and then falls to 7% during the fourth week.  

    To get full details on the mathematical emission model of Humaniq tokens, please read the Humaniq Whitepaper.










  • Partners

    Bitaps Bitcoin processing operator

    Etherion Lab Blockchain development company

    Qugla Agency Crowdfunding marketing agency

    Future Fintech Future Fintech - Fintech cluster: community, coworking, financial partners, hackathons and conferences for fintech startups.

    Blockchain community Blockchain community - Non profit association of enthusiasts, professionals, entrepreneurs and services interested in learning, development and applications of blockchain.

    Gems Branding agency

    Cointelegraph Fintech, Blockchain and Bitcoin news and analyses on the future of money.

    VisionLabs world-leading visual recognition company

  • New Video shows Humaniq user’s journey to success

    What’s it like to live in a rundown building with few prospects and little hope for the future? What if a company introduced a service that empowered you to build something from nothing, that gave you the spark that ignited the fires of motivation in you? In a new video released on March 21st, Humaniq takes viewers on a journey from start to finish of what their customers can achieve by using their new blockchain powered financial services app. Humaniq wants everyone to be able to dream big. Are you ready to be empowered?

    Humaniq journeyed to South Africa to film a new video about the customer journey that founder Alex Fork envisions for users of the blockchain financial services app. In this video you’ll meet Allen, a father and family man in Johannesburg. His brother gives him the gift of a smartphone and shows him how to use the Humaniq mobile application. Empowered by the P2P lending and other financial services available, Allen turns an idea into a business, and the business into a successful ice cream store with his own retail location.

  • Humaniq Opens Pre-order Fund for ICO

    Humaniq, a blockchain-powered financial services app, announced the creation of a pre-order fund for their upcoming ICO, due to exceptionally high demand. The pre-order page will go live on Humaniq’s site on March 29th, a full eight days before the ICO begins on April 6th. The Humaniq ICO will award bonuses for participants who join early, with both BTC and ETH being accepted as methods of payment.

    “I’m humbled by the positive attention Humaniq has been getting,” stated Alex Fork. “We’ve been contacted by quite a few people who expressed their desire to contribute significant sums of bitcoin and ether to our ICO but who also wanted guarantees that they would receive the correct bonus, which is based on the timing of the transaction. Bitcoin transactions are sometimes taking longer than usual to resolve right now, so I wanted to offer a solution.” Alex added, “The interest is significant, with over $300,000 pledged so far participants, and we’re going to make sure they get their bonuses.”

    To access the pre-order fund, interested parties should visit starting on March 29th, where they can fill in their details and find additional information. The page can also be reached by visiting the main Humaniq site at, which will provide a direct link to the registration site.

    The Humaniq ICO will begin on April 6th and end on April 26th. There will be a 49.9% bonus for the first 48 hours, a 25% bonus from April 8–14, and a final bonus period of 12.5% from April 15–21.

    About Humaniq

    Humaniq is creating an Ethereum Blockchain based banking app that will bring mobile finance to an audience of two billion people who currently don’t have access to formal banking services. The app will also act as the infrastructure backbone for 3rd party services to plug into, such as insurance providers, p2p lenders, and data security firms. See more at

  • Humaniq’s roadmap for building a critical mass of users

    Every new app-based service has the same challenge: how do you get people to use your app and then recommend it to their friends and family? Advertising can get you initial users, but by far the most effective way of building up a large base of clients is by having them also be your advocates. The central tenet is that if someone likes the services your app provides to them, then they probably know other individuals with similar needs who would also benefit from using it. Easy, right? Well, like many ideas in business, it’s very simple to understand but difficult to execute well. As an offer of proof to this assertion, one only has to look at the long history of hyped up apps that started with a bang and disappeared with the faintest of whimpers. Humaniq is guided by the principle ofMetcalfe’s Law. Simply stated, the value of a network is greatly increased the more users you add to it. Think of Facebook — with 1000 users it’s a novelty, with 1 billion users it’s a monolithic powerhouse because every business wants access to that user base. Why do I bring this up? Because Humaniq is not a micro-purchase gaming app that can make a significant profit from a small user-base. Humaniq needs to get big before its full potential will be realized. It will still be profitable with a relatively small number of users, but the services it offers become significantly more powerful when there’s a huge network of users. Now to the discussion of Humaniq’s plan for building a solid network that spreads quickly among friends and family of users. Some of you may know whoAlakanani Itireleng is, but for those who do not, she’s a tireless advocate for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency adoption on the continent of Africa. We are fully aware that Africa is a huge landmass with 54 countries, 1.2 billion people, and somewhere between 1500–2000 spoken languages. But our ambitions are not limited to Africa. There is a large need for Humaniq in India, Latin America, and south-east Asia. That’s why Alakanani, from her base in Botswana, is head of our ambassador program and will be receiving a lot of help from the team she’s coordinating, along with the full support of Humaniq team members in London, Luxembourg, and Moscow. Humaniq’s ambassadors are regional and country specific advocates who will be educating influencers and recruiting a network of local advocates who will show people how to use Humaniq. They are planting the seeds that will let our financial services ecosystem take root and flourish. Humaniq’s ambassadors have an additional mission: scouting out the locations and companies that will act as mobile cashiers. One of the key features that will assist in adoption is the ability to exchange cryptocurrency tokens like HMQ, ETH, and BTC for local currency. Most of our target audience make their local transactions for food and products using cash. Enter the mobile cashier, which has already been pioneered by M-Pesa and other companies. In some areas we’ll be able to piggyback off of the existing networks that other companies have built, while in others it will be necessary to build out a network from the ground up. This is a challenge we accepted when we began development of this project, and our plan is to build out networks of cashiers in the larger towns and urban centers first, and then expand them outwards as we make our user adoption push into smaller towns and villages. Building this network is going to take significant work, but it’s not a herculean task. We’ve segmented our plan into smaller, achievable tasks that lead to bigger milestones, and we’re taking it one step at a time. Our marketing and business development teams are working closely with our ambassadors to ensure that our strategy is realistic and will match the realities on the ground in the diverse environments we will operate in. We’re very excited to meet these challenges head first and bring our solution to areas and people that have largely been ignored by traditional banks and financial services companies.

  • Humaniq Releases 2nd Iteration of Financial Services iOS &  android App

    Humaniq has just announced a massive update of its iOS and Android financial services app. The blockchain powered startup, which aims to deliver financial services to two billion unbanked people, released the initial version on March 15th, showing a remarkably fast-paced development cycle. Since release, the Humaniq app has been downloaded over 1000 times, despite being an alpha version only meant for testing and collecting UI feedback from a diverse array of users who are excited to participate in the project.

    “When you put together a good development team, then good things tend to happen,” opined Alex Fork, CEO and founder of Humaniq. “We’re working on two tracks right now: UI and backend. For an app that is targeted at a worldwide demographic that speaks more than 2000 languages, making sure the UI is as simple to use as possible while requiring minimal translation, is imperative. To that end, we’ve been receiving extremely helpful feedback from our volunteer testers that will be used in further iterations of the app.”

    Humaniq has not announced target dates for the next update, but the innovative startup project has surprised many people with its rapid progress from initial idea to successful pre-ICO, and the seasoned team is now proving their ability to release, test, and refine their software with an exceptionally quick development cycle. Humaniq plans to have a June or July live release in selected locations, with a global rollout slated towards the end of the year.

    Humaniq has an ICO planned for April 6–26, with a pre-order fund currently available. The accepted currencies for the ICO will be ETH and BTC, while the pre-order fund is open to bank transfers of any currency.

  • Humaniq ICO launches the same day as Blockchain Oscar.

    Humaniq weekly review — 31Mar.

    App is in public access

    In the last 3 weeks our application has been uploaded over 700 times. This week we have opened our mobile application for public access. It is already available on google play and soon to appear in the Apple store as well.

    Humaniq Pre-order fund

    Only a week is left before the HumaniqICO launches on 6th of April. Due to exceptionally high demand from investors we have created a pre-order fund . To access it please The pre-order fund, however, will only have participation available via bank transfers. All currencies will be accepted, so participants do not need to worry about holding dollars, euros, or pounds.

    The Humaniq ICO will award bonuses for participants who join early.

    There will be a 50% bonus for the first 48 hours, a 25% bonus from April 8–14, and a final bonus period of 12.5% from April 15–21.

    This is what Humaniq CEO Alex Fork is saying: “I’m humbled by the positive attention Humaniq has been getting. We’ve been contacted by quite a few people who expressed their desire to contribute significant sums of bitcoin and ether to our ICO but who also wanted guarantees that they would receive the correct bonus, which is based on the timing of the transaction. Bitcoin transactions are sometimes taking longer than usual to resolve right now, so I wanted to offer a solution.”

  • How to set up an Ethereum wallet for Humaniq tokens

    We’ve had almost $200,000 worth of pre-orders in BTC so far, so now it’s time to provide quick guide for people who have never set up an Ethereum (ETH) wallet before, since that’s how we’ll be disbursing the tokens after the ICO is finished. Here’s where you start:

    Create a strong password

    Download and save the wallet file

    Download the file in your browser


    Save your private key. We recommend on a thumbdrive.

    Save your address Log in to your wallet Choose keystore file Upload your wallet file Enter password Select Unlock Congrats! You’re in your account More options for downloading your wallet This is your Ethereum address Select add custom token

    Now you can check your HMW balance


    Dwight Sproull

    Blockchain enthusiast, metalhead, video game lover, soon to be father

  • Humaniq consults with Luxembourg House of Financial Technology

    Humaniq CEO Alex Fork meets with Natalya Zotikova from LHoFT

    Humaniq founder and CEO Alex Fork visited the Luxembourg for Finance organization last week to meet with fintech developer Natalya Zotikova and discuss several key topics of importance for Humaniq.

    The meeting was quite good, and progress was made on several fronts. Resolving legal and compliance aspects of the project is key for both the Humaniq team and potential investors, and Alex was happy to announce that progress has been made on this issue.

    I’ve known Natalya for some time from the fintech industry, and she was able to cover a lot of ground quickly regarding the next steps we need to take moving forward, and to ensure that we’re taking all appropriate measures to be in compliance with international regulations while also protecting our intellectual property.

    Alex was also introduced to the accelerator team that is helping make Luxembourg an international capital of financial technology. Silicon Luxembourg is dedicated to incubating both domestic startups and international startups that choose to headquarter in Luxembourg. This was an introductory meeting, but Alex felt it had a lot of value in laying the groundwork for future partnerships.

    LHoFT has had a lot of success and they’ve attracted the kind of expertise and talent that can help guide a project like ours to success. We discussed the Humaniq project, our goals, and they were optimistic about our future and very positive about what we’ve achieved so far.

    Moving forward, Humaniq will be presenting the award for BlockChain Oscar, to be given to the winner of the startup competition at BlockShow Europe 2017 in Munich on April 6th. This is also the day that the Humaniq ICO goes live, which will continue through April 26th. The weather might be gray, but the future is looking for bright for Humaniq.

  • How Humaniq used its pre-ICO funding

    Humaniq had a very successful pre-ICO back in December, where we raised over $110,000 in BTC and ETH to prepare the project for the ICO stage. Why did we do a pre-ICO? So that we can show potential participants that we’ve got a solid business development plan and that we’re already making a lot of progress. Later tonight we’ll be starting our ICO, which is the moment of truth for most cryptocurrency-based fintech startups, and we are very confident it will be match or exceed our expectations. We’ve been busy little bees since December, and I wanted to give readers a quick recap of what we’ve been up to.

    Adding to the Team

    In December the Humaniq team consisted of myself, our founder and CEO Alex Fork, and a couple of advisers. Then and now I write a lot of the texts, press releases, and articles, and I’ve been the primary voice of Humaniq on Twitter. I think there may have been some gnomes in a basement doing some coding and helping with the website during this phase, but I never saw them and therefore cannot verify their names or their existence.

    For Marketing and PR, we’ve added two big names you’re probably familiar with already, Richard Kastelein and Dinis Guarda. They’ve been great additions to the project due to their extensive knowledge of the blockchain and fintech industries, particularly in the area of helping new products get off the ground. Personally I’ve enjoyed working with them because they’re awesome mentors who don’t hesitate to share their knowledge and experience.

    We’ve also hired:

    Max- advertising manager

    Evgenia- bounty campaign manager

    Alex- head of community management, with a global team of community managers helpfully answering questions on Slack, Bitcointalk forum, and Facebook

    Alex- technical lead for website and analytics, and all those random office IT questions that we’re too lazy to use Google to figure out ourselves

    Peter- publications manager

    Anna- video manager

    Maria- project manager

    Serafima- assistant project manager

    Ivan- business strategy and implementation

    Alexandra- assistant to Ivan


    It took some time and resources, but we worked out deals with established companies based on their industry expertise. On March 15th we were able to release the Alpha version of the Humaniq app on both iOS and Android, and on March 23rd we released the 2nd iteration of it, with more to come.

    Etherion Lab- Smart Contracts Development

    Vision Labs- Biometric Identification Development

    The Invaders- Mobile and Backend Development

    Distributed Lab- Backend Advisers

    New Offices

    In February and March we opened two new offices in Luxembourg City and London, in addition to our office space in Moscow. Our London office will be leading the charge for our marketing and PR efforts headed up by Dinis Guarda. Additionally the London office will be responsible for identifying and recruiting startups and existing companies that can provide services to Humaniq clients by plugging into our API. The Luxembourg office will be focused on establishing regulatory and legal compliance in target countries, as well as incubating and accelerating fintech startups based there.

    As you can see, we haven’t been idle. Events are moving forward rapidly now, and it’s a very exciting time to be part of this project. The ICO starts later tonight, and does not end until April 26th. We’ve seen and heard a lot of enthusiasm from people who plan on participating in it, and we want to thank you all in advance.

    See you on the other side.

  • How to participate in Humaniq’s ICO

    Hi guys! The long-awaited Humaniq ICO has arrived. Here’s a guide that shows you how to participate in the ICO

    First go to

    If you don’t have an account at Humaniq you can fill out the short form to sign up

    After registration press the “Buy Tokens” button

    Choose the amount of tokens you would like to reserve. Also check out bonuses for early participants. It doesn’t matter if you pay in BTC or ETH. The only restriction is you have to buy a minimum of 1000 HMQ tokens

    When the transaction is confirmed you will see all your reserved tokens in your dashboard

    You will be able to withdraw tokens 10 days after the ICO

    Join our ICO now! Early participants will see better returns

    Better percentages for early participants

    6–7th of April + 49.9% HMQ Tokens

    8–14th of April + 25% HMQ Tokens

    15–21th of April + 12.5% HMQ Tokens

  • Humaniq ICO has Begun! Over 1200 BTC in first 9 hours.

    At midnight CET, the Humaniq ICO began, and so far it’s been a raging success. We were expecting good results, but even we’ve been amazed at the current stats.

    1259 BTC raised as of 09.45 CET

    Over the past few months I’ve witnessed the growth of this project, and the team has been laser-focused on building a great product. We’ve been communicating our vision of a world where no one has to be disconnected from the global economy, and the response has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic.

    On behalf of the entire Humaniq team, I’d like to say Thank You to all of the individuals who have supported our project so far.

    For those of you who haven’t pulled the trigger yet, you’ve still got until 11:59pm CET on the 7th to get in on the 49.9% bonus.

    Join our ICO at

  • Humaniq The stability of the project is our work.

    Humaniq hedges the investment capital.

    Watching the volatility of Ethereum’s rate in recent days, we got really concerned. Now that we are at the very beginning of the road, any mistake can lead to unfortunate consequences.

    Therefore, we made an important decision: to hedge the project from exchange rate differences. We plan to transfer some part of the funds collected during the ICO from Ethers to Bitcoins in order to ensure greater stability.

    Answering the question of why such insurance is important for the project, Humaniq’s founder Alex Fork noted:

    “When an investor brings his funds to a startup, he is concerned not only about the creativity and productivity of the team, but also about how protected the project is from unpleasant market events and volatility. Everything we do — we do to make the project grow strong and stable. I hope ICO participants will appreciate the reasonableness and consistency of this measure”.

    After a number of discussions with advisory board, Humaniq’s escrow team has made an unanimous decision to keep the raised funds in various currencies.

    “Btcsec” from Bitcointalk community who is also one of Humaniq`s escrow warmly supported the idea of dividing all collected funds into several different currencies: “one of the golden rules of a good businessman is that you don’t keep all your money in one place, so the idea of creating a diversified and hedged budget within the project looks as a smart move”.

    Stay tuned with Humaniq! And good luck!

  • Fintech startup Humaniq joins Rise community during $3.9 million ICO

    Humaniq’s London Team

    In the middle of an ICO that is rapidly closing in on $4 million raised, Humaniq has announced that they’ve joined Barclay’s Rise community. Humaniq, as you may know by my previous articles, is a blockchain based financial services app that is using bio-metric ID to bring over two billion unbanked people into the global economy.

    ThinkRise, at its heart, is an organization that is bringing together innovative companies and very bright people to build the financial services of tomorrow. Started by Barclays, Rise is providing a calm port in the storm of blockchain and cryptocurrency startups, offering a more conducive environment for new ideas to germinate and grow. Naturally, Humaniq is a very good fit, and joining Rise allows them to work alongside other fintech startups in London and at any of the other six Rise locations in New York, Manchester, Mumbai, Capetown, Tel Aviv, and Vilnius.

    What are the benefits of joining Rise? Their website is remarkably to the point and doesn’t waste much verbiage in describing what they do, so I’m going to let them explain it:

    Through its global network of connected sites in seven of the world’s top FinTech ecosystems, Rise delivers numerous programmes that facilitate rapid engagement between Barclays and the Rise community in order to solve some of the biggest challenges facing financial services. These programmes foster long-term mutually beneficial relationships, designed to scale early prototypes and new business models into live products and services. By collaborating with Barclays, our members receive advice and mentorship from some of the world’s leading experts in financial services, as well as having access to a new global customer.

    This is a perfect opportunity for Humaniq to work with the most forward-thinking startups in the nascent fintech industry, a sentiment echoed by Magdalena Krön, Head of Rise London.

    “We’re really excited to have Humaniq joining Rise London, as they’re breaking new ground in the world of digital currencies. Their fundraiser in Bitcoin is a prime example that the future of the financial industry will have to adapt and develop. Our whole community thrives when thought leaders in a topic join us. So we’re sure that Humaniq is going to feel right at home with us in Shoreditch”

    Since Humaniq offers an open API based on the Ethereum blockchain protocol, other fintech and insurtech companies will find it easy to plug in their services to the inclusive financial ecosystem that Humaniq is creating. Rather than build a walled garden and try to outcompete every other fintech company in their specialty, Humaniq would rather work directly with the community so that everyone involved benefits from the strength of Humaniq’s network.

    Founder and President of Humaniq, Alex Fork, himself well known in the cryptocurrency community for his book “Bitcoin: More than Just Money” as well as founding the FutureFintech accelerator, had this to say:

    “Working close to a leading global accelerator such as Barclays’ ThinkRise will allow Humaniq to get both the expertise and financial network of a global leading bank that is working on both core finance services and innovation and will better enable us to build next generation tech for social good to serve the two billion people with no access to banking facilities to do the things many of us take for granted.”

    Dinis Guarda, the new CEO of Humaniq, has a history of successfully founded ventures, including TradingFloor, IntelligentHQ, and Blockchainage. Dinis will be directly spearheading partnership efforts from Humaniq’s London office, as well as driving the company’s growth strategy. Dinis had particularly effusive praise for the partnership with Rise and Barclays:

    “We have a deep respect for Barclays’ ThinkRise. Joining Rise will allow us to scale and work faster on our mission to develop the best product and services for financial inclusion and education around the world. The expertise of the Barclays’ ThinkRise team and associated network will allow us to build a global network of collaborators and networks whilst we focus on creating a solid set of products and services.”

    As the ICO accelerates to the finish line on April 26th, Humaniq is in a very good position right now to keep achieving milestones and building more awareness of this remarkable project originally envisioned by Alex Fork barely more than a year ago. In addition to working on partnerships with fintech and insurtech companies, the Humaniq Ambassador program has made a great deal of progress in recruiting regional advocates across Africa and India. Having already beaten several targets since the start of their ICO on April 6th, the team is primed to move into the next phase with a full head of steam. The alpha version of the app, released on March 15th for testing on the iOS and Android app stores, respectively, is on its third iteration and the UI engineers have been getting incredibly valuable feedback from the community of enthusiasts who are helping test it. Next up is building out the smart contract and issuing HMQ tokens to all of the ICO participants.

    Thanks for reading everyone, with an especially heartfelt thanks to everyone who has participated in the Humaniq ICO. With your support, we’re going to empower emerging economies.

  • Humaniq at Blockchain conference in Moscow!

    Humaniq weekly review — 21 Apr.

    Two days ago, on Wednesday I attended the Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference in Moscow with Humaniq team. This annual event has steadily been gaining popularity, revealing a growing interest for Blockchain technologies as well as the development of the Russian crypto-community.

    A number of speakers gave presentations in two different halls — one for financiers, and another for entrepreneurs.The track for financiers discussed the implementation of blockchain in banking. The track for entrepreneurs was all about blockchain in telecommunications, insurance, notary, the Internet of things, and asset management.

    Humaniq was also presented on the stage. Alakanani Itireleng, our main ambassador from Botswana, Africa, came to Moscow and spoke about Humaniq, our mission, main goals and perspectives. I met Alakanani in person for the first time and was really pleased to get acquainted with the woman known as bitcoinlady.

    We had some time to speak and she told me a lot about what it means to be poor and about the lives of people from rural parts of Africa. She told me that their lives are sometimes better to be called surviving or coping rather than normal living, and added that she truly believes Humaniq will help these people to improve the level of their lives.

    Also Alakanani took part in a couple of interviews with Russian crypto-community members.

    As for me, I also had several talks with founders of some promising startups as well as with members of Humaniq’s escrow team. Please subscribe to our Youtube channel and check my new interviews from the Blockchain and Bitcoin conference in Moscow!

    During the event Humaniq arranged an exciting game between the attendees. Visitors were invited to download the Humaniq app from Google Play or the Apple store and to start exchanging tokens with other people present on the event.

    The one who gained the biggest amount of tokens was awarded with a smartphone and 12,000 Humaniq tokens. Second and third place winners received 8,000 and 4,000 tokens respectively.

    Humaniq’s ICO is ongoing. We’ve raised $4 million already and counting. You still have time to join. Please visit for further details.

    After the ICO finishes, Humaniq tokens will appear on several exchanges. Four of them have already confirmed HMQ will be added to their lists. Among them are Space BTC, LiveCoin, YoBit and Bitlish.

    On Tuesday Cointelegraph released an overview article about the Blockchain Oscar, including opinions of Etherisc and Solarchange leaders who fetched the main awards from Humaniq for the most Innovative startup and the most valuable for humanity startup.

    Cointelegraph Events, Humaniq Announce Blockchain Oscar Winners
    The Blockchain Oscar has officially wrapped up, therefore it is a good time to reflect on the highlights of this…

    YouTube blogger Bitcoin Rush who is speaking about the latest crypto news has released a new video about Humaniq!

    Humaniq has announced the start of collaboration with Delloite. That’s how CEO Alex Fork is commenting on this:

    “Having top end legal support is one of the essential parts of the project. We highly appreciate relationships with our partners therefore we have chosen Deloitte to guide us through. The budget for this collaboration has been set aside”.

    Today, April 21st, from 6 to 8pm at Judge Business School in Cambridge we are organizing “Meetup and Workshop — AI and Blockchain for Social Good in Cambridge”.Check this event on facebook!

    Humaniq joining Barclays open innovation programme Rise in London. Rise London, the home of fintech and Barclays Accelerator, is the place where great minds co-create the future of financial services. To learn more please check the article below.

    Blockchain startup Humaniq joins Barclays' Rise Community - EconoTimes
    Blockchain startup Humaniq joins Barclays' Rise Community Thursday, April 20, 2017 5:55 AM UTC Humaniq, a blockchain…

    Check out the latest interview with Dinis Guarda about Humaniq’s concept and how Humaniq are using blockchain technology for financial inclusion.

    African Finance & Tech News | Top Stories
    Get the latest news on African Economy, Finance and Tech trends

    Dinis Guarda

    Please stay tuned and see you next week!

  • Humaniq partners with BOScoin, a self-evolving cryptocurrency platform from South Korea

    Dmitry Kaminskiy and Changki Park

    We’ve had a great couple of weeks at Humaniq, due to the immense success of our ICO, and now our situation has gotten even better thanks to fortuitous negotiations with a fantastic company that shares our vision and our values. Humaniq has signed a strategic partnership agreement with BOScoin, the leading cryptocurrency platform in South Korea.

    This will be a very close relationship, with Humaniq and BOSchain sharing strategic resources, technical knowledge, and ICO experience. Perhaps more importantly, this partnership will support both organizations in achieving our mutual goal of building a network of operations worldwide. BOScoin will use their in-depth cultural and business insights to support Humaniq’s Asian expansion, while Humaniq will support BOScoin’s European and North American expansion.

    Humaniq is on an ambitious mission to bring new blockchain powered mobile financial inclusion to help two billion unbanked people worldwide. Using biometric ID to establish user credentials, we are circumventing the roadblock of formal documentation that keeps so many deserving people from having access to financial services.

    Dmitry Kaminskiy, the co-founder and chairman of Humaniq, is leading this partnership with Dinis Guarda CEO of Humaniq. Besides Humaniq, Dmitry is a Managing Partner of Deep Knowledge Ventures investment fund focused on Artificial Intelligence and DeepTech.

    Mr. Kaminskiy recently visited South Korea to make a speech on the application of AI in Finance at the Seoul “Future Finance Forum”. During his visit, the Asia AI Hub organization was established in partnership with: Korean BlockChain Community, Seoul National University, Suwon University, Emerging Future Institute, and UN Future Forum.

    “South Korea is a powerful technological global leader and we are very excited to work with one of its leading digital and blockchain organizations BOScoin. This strategic partnership will allow us to leverage both our blockchain smart contract driven organisations and establish protocols that will grow both our footprints, businesses and operations in a sustained and strategic level.” — Kaminskiy

    BOScoin is a “Self-Evolving Cryptocurrency Platform” that utilizes Smart Contracts and the Congress Network for perpetual adaptation. BOScoin’s mission is to create a powerful and effective self-governing ecosystem.

    The BOS Platform was founded by Changki Park (CEO). Changki Park is a serial fintech entrepreneur who also founded Paxnet, Inc., and Finger, Inc., two major fintech companies in Korea. He worked at Samsung for 14 years, and was also the former head of the Financial Engineering Research Center at the State University of New York’s South Korea campus.

    “BOScoin is a self-evolving cryptocurrency platform. With so many advances in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and quantum computers; it’s impossible for us to predict the future. Which is why BOScoin is designed to evolve.” Changki Park (BOScoin CEO)

    Let’s talk a bit more about BOScoin. They’re operating on a new concept called the Trust Contract. So what is it, fundamentally? A Trust Contract is a form of digital contract that is built with OWL(Web Ontology Language) and TAL(Timed Automata Language). The main reason they chose the OWL technology is to provide decidability to the Trust Contract. This is a very different approach from the smart contracts, which are based on a virtual machine and provides a Turing complete programming environment. Then we added the Timed Automata model to escape logical programming errors. Since automata is a finite state model, using TAL will prevent creating a malfunction of the contract.

    There are several benefits to using a Trust Contract. BOScoin believes that the general public should be able to write contracts. However, the current smart contracts are only able to be written and read by programmers. Reading and writing contracts should not be a privilege. Trust contracts separate the contents of the contract into a human-readable language by using the SDLang, which makes the OWL easier to write and read. Basically, OWL and TAL separate the declarations from the processing just like what was happening in the beginning of the Internet.

    For a much deeper dive into BOScoin, I highly recommend reading their FAQ.

    On behalf of the entire team here at Humaniq, I want to extend a warm welcome to Changki Park and BOScoin. Together our companies can achieve great feats.

    Humaniq launched their Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on April 6, and plans to run it until April 26. This Ethereum-based financial services app project has raised over $4.3 million with its ICO.

    BOScoin is launching its own ICO on May 10th, 2017 (GMT) that will last 41 days until June 20th 2017. In total 276,093,688.786 coins will be distributed during BOScoin Initial Coin Offer:

    Learn More:

  • Humaniq ICO breaks the $5 million barrier

    With over 11,600 participants and an average contribution of $430, our humble little fintech startup has smashed new barriers as our ICO draws to a conclusion at midnight CET tonight, on April 26th. It’s a humbling moment for the members of the team who have been here for the entire journey.

    Our goal is to provide financial services to over two billion unbanked people around the world, and now we’re in a much better position to achieve this thanks to the extremely enthusiastic support of the people who have contributed to our ICO. We’re already moving ahead to the next steps. We’re continuing to refine our app, which we’ve been testing since March 15th when we released it on iOS and Android. We’re moving forward with our Ambassador program and now we’ll have the resources we need to roll it out and start training our local brand advocates to push user adoption in our target areas. We’re continuing to partner with very exciting companies: some are working on parts of our app, and many are working on creating their own third party services to plug into the Humaniq ecosystem. We’ve opened offices in Moscow, Luxembourg, and London so that we can keep our fingers on the pulse of the fintech scene and take advantage of all new opportunities that are presented to us.

    We’ve come a very long way in a very short period of time. Barely more than a year ago I was discussing the idea of Humaniq with Vitalik Buterin, and I began putting the pieces into place throughout the summer and fall of 2016. In December we gathered a tiny international team of five people to do a quick and lean campaign for our pre-ICO so we could secure funding to develop our app prototype and gauge interest in the project. We had a goal of $68,000 and then we proceeded to get swamped with an outpouring of support, ending up with almost $110,000. Knowing that we were on to something, we took a break for the New Year’s holidays and cogitated on what we learned from the pre-ICO, planning our next steps carefully.

    In January we put together the core of our ICO team, and these wonderful people are the ones who set us up for the success we’re experiencing today. They worked long hours to help refine and implement our multi-phase plan. Doing an ICO well is not easy, and there are a lot of moving parts, but they’ve been remarkable from the start. We’ve grown our team since then, adding people who have helped us in many different ways and brought valuable experience to the project. We’re going to keep growing, because the vision that we started with over a year ago is now a reality, and it’s time for us to get back to work on Humaniq. I don’t think our supporters would expect anything less of us.

    To everyone who believes in us and has contributed to our pre-ICO and ICO, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Without you, Humaniq wouldn’t be possible.

    -Alex Fork

  • Humaniq Working With Chinese Manufacturers on Launching a $20 Smartphone in Africa!

    While developing its biometric Blockchain App, Humaniq is working in a joint partnership with Chinese Manufacturers to launch a $20 USD smartphone in order to accelerate financial inclusion for the unbanked.

    Part of the solution to Humaniq’s mission is to accelerate access to financial inclusion. Affordable smartphones are the best solution in undeveloped and developing nations to achieve this. Humaniq founder Alex Fork has been leading negotiations with Chinese Manufacturers to build Humaniq smartphones with the capacity to run the latest version of the Android operating system. The research includes 100 models of phones costing between 10 to 25 USD.

    A simple Android 6 smartphone with 512Mb RAM, 4Gb of memory, CPU of MTK6572 dual-core 1.0 GHz, WiFi, Bluetooth, T-flash card, rear/front camera of 5MP/2MP and 1800mAh battery is one of the phone’s under development by Humaniq’s technology team. This is part of the startups technology roadmap following its successful ICO, which finished on 27th April 2017 with $5.2M funding.

    Launching such smartphone devices, Humaniq plans to facilitate access to smartphones to the 70% of people worldwide who still do not have a smartphone. These devices, although affordable, are modern enough to use the latest version of Android (6.0) and provide biometric technology for face-recognition, which is key for Humaniq’s roadmap.

    The prices of mobile phones are decreasing yearly and the focus for Humaniq at the time of writing is to get their smartphones rolling to as many people as possible, starting with pilot programmes in communities in Africa. Humaniq smartphones will initially be launched into markets in Africa and Latin America at a price of $10–25 per device, and even for free to the poorest communities by way of the Humaniq Foundation.

    In bringing Banking services to the Unbanked, Humaniq believes that the introduction of affordable smartphones will be a major step in its mission to bring two billion people into the global financial economy. In addition, the introduction of Humaniq’s app will establish a full-scope ecosystem to be used for ID profile authentication, high quality education and HMQ token transactions. In this way, Humaniq will build a community following similar principles as Kiva and Amazon Mechanical Turk.

    Additional details on the launch of Humaniq’s smartphones will be published in future posts including a long-term roadmap.

    Stay tuned to our blog for more information.

  • Humaniq weekly review  - Don’t miss Humaniq’s give-away!

    Today Humaniq reached 10,000 followers on Facebook page! To express gratitude to our amazing followers, we decided to have a little celebrative give-away. It will take place on Facebook. All you will have to do is to leave a message saying

    The comment with the highest amount of likes will receive the prize of 500HMQ! The winner will be announced during our next FB Live event on May 26th. So please visit, like and share this with your friends now and participate. Thank you for your ongoing support!

    We have got a new series of videos on Humaniq channel which are called Humaniq Faces. There Dinis Guarda is interviewing various thought leaders and experts in Fintech. This week he had a talk with Dogan Nolan, CTO at Invstr company. And with co-founder and CEO of 21million project Nick Ayton.

    On Wednesday 18th May, Wired Money hosted the event in London which was attended by several members of Humaniq team. Rayane Hocine, Humaniq PR-manager is sharing his impressions on this day:

    We had the chance to talk about Humaniq to a lot of people; some of them were already acquainted with our project, others were simply fascinated by its concept and mission.

    There were two main conference rooms and a common space. Humaniq’s stand in the networking area surely did not go unnoticed. We enjoyed our time and hope we were able to transfer our passion and interest to the people we introduced Humaniq to.

    Meanwhile, in the two conference rooms fintech experts were delivering insightful speeches on the future of the finance industry. By the end of the day we enjoyed a few drinks with the community members while having exiting talks on financial innovation and disruption.

    It has surely been a very productive day where we enjoyed promoting Humaniq and financial inclusion. The interaction with the community was positive and we received good impressions and opinions that motivated us even more to work hard towards financial inclusion around the globe.

    Media about Humaniq this week:

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