Bitshares GUI Release v2.0.170328

  • This is a hotfix release that fixes login for accounts created using the Openledger faucet which sets the provided active key as owner and vice versa. If you created an account using the password model this release will let you login using that password.

    Binary checksums

    bitshares-light_2.0.170328_amd64.deb sha256: 9d89dc33717ced0e9c9dda1fd35927881cfaca3d710d8867aa29f82fec68789c

    BitShares-light_2.0.170328.exe sha256: 8842d9c6eb7a20780bc1dc0d4892221dd181fd01fe2395b58300a96f0b3a3faf

    BitShares-light_2.0.170328.dmg sha256: 089cbb9679b3f42647768fd1fb30e4ac019b54dde4d5fce43997c2a2a22f9896 sha256: fd85003bec945b0f41be93516ffcfbc0d848fcd6e6190885685b499b7b133dfc Uses hash history (#/ in the URL), requires no special configuration.

     Download :

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