Factom (FCT) Foundation and Exodus Update

  • The Factom Foundation & Exodus have rescheduled the release of Factoid support within the Exodus wallet until the next update of the Factom Federation Network. The Factom Foundation has several new updates scheduled for Q2.  

    The exciting update to Factom Federation will include:

    1. Torrenting for fast startup of new nodes, and catching up with the network.

    2. Performant Network layer for improved faulting level.

    3. Balance and state checkpoints for quick restarts.

    With the upcoming Factom Federation release, Factoid support in Exodus will be more approachable for new users entering digital assets.

    Exodus co-founder Daniel Castagnoli said: “Most Exodus users today are just learning about the blockchain and exploring digital assets. The Factom Federation updates will be important to usher in widespread adoption for new users looking to secure, manage and exchange Factoids.”

    About Exodus

    Exodus is a friendly, all-in-one application, to secure, manage and exchange blockchain assets. In the past, to gain exposure to blockchain assets, investors had to learn about exchanges, private keys, backup seeds, mining fees, cold storage, hot wallets, and more. Exodus simplifies this process to give digital asset investors an easy, safe and private way to secure and manage a diversified portfolio of blockchain assets. Exodus is the first desktop digital asset wallet to allow users to manage and exchange Factoids directly for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital assets.

    About Factom Foundation, Inc.

    The Factom Foundation is dedicated to developing and shepherding the Factom open source protocol. The Foundation’s mission is to promote transparency and honesty via immutability because we believe that people and institutions can solve hard problems and bring positive change when they have a reliable framework to build upon.

    - See more at: https://www.factom.com/blog/te...

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