Lemon Coin

  • I've been watching alt-coin scene for few years now. I noticed that many coins are lacking in several aspects. Either they are created by inexperienced developers, they use algorithm which makes mining uninteresting for most people or they lack the funds and people.
    While there are many algorithms on scene, most are "overcrowded". I decided to use algorithm Argon2 which is winner of Pasword Hashing Competition and is one of the most secure algorithms available today.

    Other Argon2 coins suffer from bad design choices during implementation and are terribly slow. LemonCoin is using latest uᴉoɔʇᴉq Core base and uses expensive hash only in PoW hash itself. Other hashing is done using fast hashing algorithms. As result, syncing is fast and it will be possible to use LemonCoin in mobile environment, saving battery-power and not frying user's hands.

    To get LemonCoin in the spotlight and to provide funds for further development and marketing, 10M coins will be sold in ICO. In total, 31M LEMON will mined during whole mining period.


    Ticker: LEMON

    PoW algorithm: Argon2 + Scrypt-jane(SCRYPT_SALSA64 SCRYPT_SKEIN512)

    Block time: 60 Seconds

    Coinbase maturity: 60 blocks

    Supply: 31 000 000

    Mining rewards

    20 LEMON per block,

    halving every 525 000 blocks (approximately every year)

    Pow & Mining:

    If you are really lazy, all you need to do is enter command "setgenerate true" in wallet console

    However, mining using standalone miner is recommended.

    You can download Argon2 miner here or

    you can clone the repository

    Just make sure your lemoncoin.conf contains these lines








    and you can start miner with this command/bat file

    cpuminer -o http://localhost:28443 -u SomeUsername -p SomePassword --no-getwork –



    Windows: https://goo.gl/6TzBQ9

    Windows 32 Bit :https://goo.gl/2d7UtP

    Github: https://goo.gl/J6300h

    Exchanges :

    C-Cex: https://c-cex.com/?p=lemon-btc

    Cryptopia: https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Exchange/?market=LEMON...

    Android Games:

    For The Lemons


    a Lemon

  • A new EU based pool:


    To start mining:

    Use stratum+tcp://louhimo.club:8012

    as the pool address and use a LemonCoin wallet address as your

    workername. As worker password, use anything or if want to set a

    suggested difficulty for your worker, use for example d=1 as worker password to set suggested diff of 1.

    Example for cpuminer: cpuminer -a argon2 -o stratum+tcp://louhimo.club:8012 -u LemonCoinWalletAddressHere -p d=1

    At the moment of writing this, there is ~200kH/s of network hashrate. Feel free to join the pool.

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