Wings tokens allocation verification

  • As we mentioned in our previous blog post, a version of the distribution proposal smart contract has been deployed on the Kovan Ethereum test network, in order to provide everyone with 7 days to verify the balance on their accounts ahead of time and make sure all is in order.

    The below guide explains how to verify the correct amount allocated, before the launch to main network is announced.

    How to verify your account balance:

    1. Go to and log into your account.
    2. In the dashboard, you should now be able to find the estimated amount of Wings tokens and your Wings address. Under the address you will find a clickable link named ‘Verify my token distribution proposal’.

    Wings Dashboard —

    Side note — it is not possible to update the Ethereum address. The only way to access the Wings tokens on your Wings address will be using the account seed.

    3. There are two options to verify the account balance:

    Option one (the short way) — In the dashboard, simply click ‘Verify my token distribution proposal’; A new tab will open taking you to You’re done, skip to step 4.

    Option two (the long way) — Go to, and enter your Wings address (the one in step 2) in the ‘Apply Filter By’ field, then hit apply. Please note, do not enter your address in the top search field.

    4. You can now verify that the token balance on the test network contract matches the token balance in the dashboard.

    Kovan Testnet Explorer —

    If the Token Balance number matches the estimated number of Wings tokens in the Wings dashboard, all good.

    In the unlikely case that the token balances don’t match, please contact us ASAP at [email protected]. To shorten the process please add the account address information, expected amount and account email.

    Additional questions

    What if i want to verify my account seed ?

    You can verify you account seed by following the next steps:

    1. Go to!/home/user/recover
    2. Enter your account’s email address and a password (you can also use a new password), and enter the account seed in the passphrase field, and hit ‘Recover account’
    Recover Account in order to verify account seed

    3. Once in, go to your profile , and under the “profile” tab you will be able to view your account address. The address should be identical to the address in the dashboard.

    After an account recovery using the account seed, the address in the Alpha should be identical to the Wings address in the Dashboard

    If the addresses are not identical, you used an incorrect seed. Double check your data and try again.

    Why there is no token launch date yet?

    In one word — security. The contract is currently undergoing multiple security audits by well known third parties. Since we don’t yet know the outcome of the audits, it’s not possible for us to anticipate any potential changes (and the time to implement them) they might recommend.

    What about exchanges?

    This is the one of the most asked questions we get. While we can’t reveal any specifics, we can say that we in contact with all major exchanges, and doing significant efforts to get listed on them. Since this is a decision taken by every individual exchange, an announcement will be made per each listing.

    What comes next ?

    After the token allocation contract deployed on the Ethereum main network, our main focus will be launching the Wings beta. The beta will be separated to stages in order to allow our security auditors an adequate time to proof read the smart contracts code:

    • Forecasting — stage allowing forecasting on other projects campaigns
    • Crodwfunding — stage allowing projects to launch their own campaign
    • Rewarding — stage rewarding the forecasters with tokens and ratings

    A timeline with estimated dates will be published down the road, with the goal of launching the final beta version towards the end of the spring.

    This is a good opportunity to thank everyone in our community for being so supportive and patient.

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