Radium (RADS) 90 Days of Records — The First Day

  • Greetings fellow lovers of history!

    As a part of our new initiative at Project Radium to record a piece of history every day for 90 days using the newly released SmartChain Mercury, today we are happy to announce our first record: October 29th, 1969.

    As quoted from Wikipedia, “The first successful message on the ARPANET was sent by UCLA student programmer Charley Kline, at 10:30 pm on 29 October 1969, from Boelter Hall 3420. Kline transmitted from the university’s SDS Sigma 7 Host computer to the Stanford Research Institute’s SDS 940 Host computer. The message text was the word login; on an earlier attempt the l and the o letters were transmitted, but the system then crashed. Hence, the literal first message over the ARPANET was lo. About an hour later, after the programmers repaired the code that caused the crash, the SDS Sigma 7 computer effected a full login. The first permanent ARPANET link was established on 21 November 1969, between the IMP at UCLA and the IMP at the Stanford Research Institute. By 5 December 1969, the entire four-node network was established.”

    The text we recorded in this transaction corresponding to this event comes from a 2004 UCLA interview, which can be found here.

    We feel as though paying respect to the events and people that ushered in this era of humanity is only fitting to kick off a project dedicated to the preservation of history.

    You can follow along on the SmartChain itself by downloading it here. Once synced, you can see the latest records published during these 90 days by going to the user, “Project Radium 90 Days.”

    Stay tuned to this blog and our Twitter feed to be notified of each new record. Please reach out to us on social media or by email to let us know what record you would like to see next.

    Until next time,

    The Project Radium Team.

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