FundRequest (FND) - A Platform For rewarding open source contributions on Ethereum Blockchain

  • About FundRequest

    FundRequest offers an integrated platform giving people the ability to incentivise developers to fix issues or work on a particular feature/project within the open source community. Developers providing the solution are rewarded for their open source contributions.

    FundRequest runs on the Ethereum Blockchain

    FundRequest provides value to


    • Open Source projects

    FundRequest creates a market for those open source projects with a high business value but with little community support and stimulates open source collaboration.


    • Developers and contributors

    are rewarded for their time and effort they invest in supporting open source projects. For contributors who don’t care about the reward, FundRequest offers the ability to donate the rewards to the contributor’s favourite charity.


    • Organisations

    FundRequest helps organisations to use open source without the need of expensive 3rd party licensing and support. Companies can build a supporting community to solve specific issues impacting their business and can decide how much budget they want to allocate.


    • Individuals

    Users can fund an issue that impacts them personally or contribute to raising funds for the implementation of a desired feature.


    Reward contributors

    Rewards developers for their contributions to open-source projects

    Support communities

    Help the open-source community and free software movements to increase development

    Accelerate development

    Anyone can offer a reward for improvements to their favorite open source tool, generating more incentive

    Measure community interest

    With rewards, developers can quickly understand what a community is most interested in seeing improved

    Custom assistance

    Be the step between no support and Enterprise level assistance by only paying for changes you need.

    Trust & Security

    By using the Ethereum blockchain and open source Smart contracts, trust and security are assured



    White Paper:


    The crowdsale is scheduled to start beginning of Q3, 2017 and will last 42 days. In total two million tokens will be distributed. Currently the crowdsale contracts are being tested and audited.

    Feel free to have a look at the code in our public GitHub repository

    Whitepaper !

    Why we have a crowdsale

    There are three reasons why we are having a crowdsale

    • Enable full time commitment At the moment we work on the project in our spare time, since we all have other full time jobs. Sadly enough, we still need money to pay the bills and put food on the table, so to be able to work full time we need a source of income for the duration of the project. This is currently estimated (based on the first milestone) around 12 to 15 months.


    • Setup large marketing campaign For the project to be successful we need to attract a critical mass of users and just building the platform will not be enough to attract the masses. Especially since cryptocurrency is involved. Therefore the largest part of the crowdsale funds will be allocated to launch a one year marketing campaign targeting software developers and IT companies. (See the Whitepaper)


    What we offer our backers

    In return for your support you will receive Ethereum based tokens, FND’s (FundRequest Tokens). Only 2,000,000 (two million) exist, no additional FND tokens will ever be created. Every quarter, from the moment the platform is live, 9>#/strong### of all the funds that were raised to solve issues, answer questions or implement new features by our platform, will be distributed among FND token holders.

    Simply put

    • if you own all 2,000,000 FND tokens you will receive 100% of 9% of all the funds that were raised.
    • if you own 2,000 FND tokens you will receive 0.1% of 9% of all the funds that were raised.

    ICO in Figures

    2.0 million Available tokens

    0.25 ETH Price for 1 FND

    25 % Extra During Power Hour

    100 k ETH Minimum Goal

    How do do we plan to spend the raised capital?

    The capital that is raised will be spend based on the breakdown shown in the pie chart above. The second largest portion of the budget will go the development and testing of the product. With a separate budget allocated for security implementations and audits.

    We strongly believe that the success of the platform will depend on two factors. The first one is the usability, which is cover by the development budget and the second pillar is the advertisement. For PR and Marketing 45% of the crowdsale capital is foreseen.

    The goal is to make FundRequest as popular as Reddit or Github to developers.

    A more detailed breakdown can be found in the Whitepaper

    How much capital are we trying to raise?

    In total 2 million tokens are being sold, at a retail price of 0.25 Ether for one FND token. The first hour of the crowdsale, also known as ‘Power Hour’, a backer will receive a 20% discount, reducing the price of one FND token to 0.20 Ether.

    We have a minimum goal, Milestone 1, that needs to be achieved to launch the project. After that, depending on the amount of tokens sold, additional features will be added to the roadmap.

    Milestone 1 : 100k Ether : Project launch
    • Core platform Bankend
    • Core platform Api
    • Basic Platform Frontend
    • Develop transparent overlay (chrome plugin )
    • Target platform to GitHub
    Milestone 2 : 200k Ether : Enable Marketing
    • Build and launch a 100k Ether marketing campaign
    Milestone 3 : > 250k Ether : Additional target platform
    Milestone 5 : > 350k Ether : Additional target platform

    Join the Crowdsale

    The crowdsale is scheduled to start beginning of Q3, 2017 and will last 42 days. In total two million tokens will be distributed. Currently the crowdsale contracts are being tested and audited.

    Feel free to have a look at the code in our public GitHub repository

    More ICO Details:








    Donate Me on Following Address

    BTC: 1H9AFcYdZb6mt3wDHg1hc2AjnqrXzmv4xo

    ETH: 0x2587512b27867c2d466c02ccf11424002baac8b4

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