Radium Update #28 — LiteBit Fiat Exchange Listing

  • We are extremely happy to announce the listing of Radium on LiteBit.eu! LiteBit is a European fiat cryptocurrency exchange based in the Netherlands. We are also available on their LitePay service which allows merchants and vendors to accept Radium as currency. In the upcoming weeks we will be working on getting some merchants to accept Radium through LitePay, more details on this soon. We hope having this new fiat gateway will lead to wider adoption of Radium as a medium of exchange and will allow users to purchase Radium without having to first purchase Bitcoin.

    You can find the market here https://www.litebit.eu/en/buy/radium.

    We will have another blog post update later this week discussing marketing and the Radium Telegram chat and tipping bot.

    — The Radium Team

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