BitCAD Bounty Program

  • We glad to present the official BitCAD bounty program.

    For BitCAD bounty program has reserved 2.000.000 BCD Tokens.

    Funds Distribution

    1. Signature campaign bounty:500.000 BCD
    2. Translation campaign bounty:200.000 BCD
    3. Blog post campaign (article):140.000 BCD
    4. Facebook campaign bounty: 55.000 BCD
    5. Twitter campaign bounty: 55.000 BCD
    6. Github development or bug bounty:350.000 BCD
    7. Reserve BitCAD promotional bounties: 600.000 BCD

    Translation campaign

    Total amount: 300.000 BCD

    Original BitCAD thread in BitcoinTalk.

    • Translating the ANN: 100 stakes
    • Translating the Website: 100 stakes
    • Translating the White Paper: 1000 stakes
    • Moderation of a thread: 5 stakes for the first 200 posts. 1 stake per post in your thread for posts numbers 201–500. No more after 500.

    Don’t use Google Translator, or you will be disqualified.

    ONE translation per person.

    List of accepted translation.

    Ask any questions in Telegram chat:

    Blog posts campaign

    Total amount: 140.000 BCD

    Tokens will distributed to the best writers.

    • It must be online and accessible for everyone.
    • Only unique blog post.
    • Place you choose to publish must show users daily activity.
    • Have 900+ characters or more without space.
    • Includes two links to BitCAD website, blog or bitcointalk threads.
    • Preferred content

    Every blog post URL submit to Google Form.

    10, 20, or 30 stakes depending on the quality of the blog post.

    All stakes will be given out at the end of the backing campaign.

    List of accepted blog post.

    Signature campaign

    Total amount: 500.000 BCD

    • Only for regularly active members.
    • Members with negative trust [from DT2 or above] are not allowed to join this campaign.
    • Desired posts in alternate cryptocurrencies section.
    • Spamming users will be banned from the campaign and payment will be denied.
    • Must use only our avatar.

    Member: 1 Stake/ Week

    Full Member: 1.5 Stakes/ Week

    Sr. Member: 1.75 Stakes/ Week

    Hero Member: 2 Stakes/ Week

    Legendary: 2.5 Stakes/ Week

    0.25 stakes per week for members with our avatar and personal text.

    Avatar link:

    Set the personal text: 🌟-=BitCAD=-🌟 New_Business_Era

    1. Enter your account data into theGoogle Form.
    2. Make at least 13 quality post in a week.
    3. List of accepted application here.

    Before join to this bounty, wear signature based on your rank and then fill the form.

    Ask any questions in Telegram chat:

    Facebook campaign

    Total amount: 55.000 BCD

    BitCAD official Facebook account.

    5 Stakes Per Week.

    50 real friends for weekly stake.

    Join bounty here.

    List with your status here.

    Twitter campaign

    Total amount: 55.000 BCD

    BitCAD official Twitter account.

    5 Stakes Per Week.

    Minimum 100 real followers for weekly stake.

    Join bounty here.

    List with your status here.

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